Biography of an Alternative Practitioner

 Eric Winter: Owner/ Operator of PFit Yoga has a near decade of practice and experience as a alternative practitioner. He earned his license as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker (LMT, NCBTMB) in 2008, self-practitioner of asian healing arts (Yoga, Tai Chi etc) since 2006, obtained his Ashtanga Yoga Certification in 2013 and was trained by Kumar Pallana himself for many hours of Asanas and Mudras.

In that duration of time, he gratefully recovered from many ailments that ominously laid dormant within his body since childhood from various physical accidents which made him partially handicapped. His body compensated for years without even realizing it, until he received his first treatment of Massage /Bodywork in 2007 and made him realize his body wasn’t normal as anticipated. After numerous sessions of modalities ranging from Swedish massage, Acupressure/ Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Reiki, he decided to become a license Massage Therapist and Bodyworker in 2008.

While in school, Mr. Winter learned how to self-heal by understanding the human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Asian Medicine, Sports Medicine, different forms of exercises,  herbs and nutrition. Subsequently, this exposure led him to 7 years (Approx. 6,000 hours) of hands on experience; treating many aliments from chronic pain to headaches.

His years of dedication, practice, and patience in Alternative Medicine (primarily Asian) taught him how to self-heal and help heal others through Bodywork treatments, Meditation, Yoga, and general- intense exercises. Throughout the years he exposed his practice to Clinics, Gyms, and Spas, creating a wave of testimonials about his healing touch and extensive knowledge. This gave him the understanding that massage and bodywork is a perfect way to jump start any exercise or overall well-being.